Jamaican Girls – Marbel

Jamaican Girl -Marbel (Small)
HI! I am a Jamaican Girl and my name is Marbel. I am a Real Jamaican Girl that looking for Love a man to get marry soon with a nice guy.

My dream is a Boyfriend to begin with and later a good husband and Father to my children that I hope we will get in the future.

I am a hard working Jamaican Girl that love to work I take care of a small Guest house for American Guy that is back home for 6 month. To be with his family.

I been working here for 5 years so he feels he can trust me to take care of his friends and guest that come to Jamaica.

All his friends love me I know that but i not sure if that is the right way to go to get my American Boyfriend.

So let us try this way and see if you can find love in Jamaica and a Jamaican Girl. Hug Marbel

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