Cuban Girls – Alazne

Cuban Girl - Alazne (Small)
HI! I am Alazne a 22 years old Cuban Girl and i live in Havanan. I live in a small house with my family I just finish the school and I hope I can see the world, Find love, and much more.

We feeling the change in Cuba we open up to America and in some years I hope the border open for all of us to make Cuba greater.

We will have tourist coming and I love to work for a future Tourist industries in Cuba. Maybe you have the same dream to get the dream place in Cuba and maybe open a small hotel or Guest house.

Let our dreams come true and change our lifestyle and start a new life I will be your Cuban Girlfriend and you come to Cuba to learn to know me and my family.

Let us studying Cuba together and lets Love grow I hope you can see us on the beach looking on the stars and listen on the sea. Hug Alazne

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