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Cuban Girls – Benita

Cuban Girl - Benita (Small)
HI! I am Benita a Single Cuban Girl is the first time i go online to find love and a boyfriend i like to find an American husband if i can.

I am a Cuban Girl that love to cook Cuban food and I love a big party with friends and family. I love to find a good guy that want to have a good Latina Girlfriend that love to take care of the home.

A Latina Girlfriend that still love to work and want to build a good future. I work with online marketing and study computer.

So I Love building web site and all that and I Love to do that from home to build over future for us and over new family. So do you want to be a part of my life? Contact me and let us talk. Hug Benita

Colombian Girls – Cherry

Cherry - Colombia Girl (Small)
HI! I am Cherry a Colombian Girl I come from a small village in the country side. I live in a big city now I have an office work and I am a happy Colombian Girl.

But I miss a good boyfriend and a future husband to live with and build a future with. I looking for a guy that love to work hard and have dreams but thinking on the family to.

I hope you believe in God and go to church I hope you have a big heart that is the only I care about. so don’t wait send me a mail so we can start talk.Hug Cherry

Cuban Girls – Alazne

Cuban Girl - Alazne (Small)
HI! I am Alazne a 22 years old Cuban Girl and i live in Havanan. I live in a small house with my family I just finish the school and I hope I can see the world, Find love, and much more.

We feeling the change in Cuba we open up to America and in some years I hope the border open for all of us to make Cuba greater.

We will have tourist coming and I love to work for a future Tourist industries in Cuba. Maybe you have the same dream to get the dream place in Cuba and maybe open a small hotel or Guest house.

Let our dreams come true and change our lifestyle and start a new life I will be your Cuban Girlfriend and you come to Cuba to learn to know me and my family.

Let us studying Cuba together and lets Love grow I hope you can see us on the beach looking on the stars and listen on the sea. Hug Alazne

Brazilian Girls – Ellery

Brazilian Girl Ellery (Small)
HI! I am a single Brazilian Girl and my name is Ellery I am a Brazilian Girl that work with Tourist and I do some I work as a guide and accompany on trips to show all the beautiful animals and nature we have in Brazil.

I love to do many thinks I love the Beach and I love to Eat Sea food fish and so on. One or 2 time, I help a good friend and I help her when she was looking for Sim clothing model is was fun and I learn a lot.

I looking for a guy that love the beach the sun and love to travel in South America and love Latino Girls. I don’t care if you are American or European.

But what I care about is you and if you have a good heart and you be nice to me. I don’t mean nice in give me money!!I talk about love and small thinks like flowers a nice dress like this.

If you believe you are my future husband that want to have me as your Brazilian Girlfriend send me a mail so we can talk. Hug from Ellery

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Colombian Girls – Isabella and Maria

Isabella and Maria  2 Colombian Girls (Small)
HI! We are 2 Colombian Girls that looking for love and we like to try over luck on Single Latino Girls. We are looking for a long time relationship a husband and true love and happiness.

Okay we looking for 2 guys we hope we can find 2 friends that are single. We hope we can all can stay together in the same city so we can meet 1 or 2 time a week.

We are like sisters over family’s are friends and we grow up together so we are like sisters. I am Isabella and Maria is the Girl with the kiss on cheek.

We are 2 Colombian Girls that love speed and we have a lot we do. We have good works and on the free time we spend a lot of time in the church.

We love cooking Colombian food and we hope you will love when we cooking food and we love to make family party home BBQ and stuff like that.

We look for 2 guys that just is good and have a positive attitude towards life and believe in God, you do not need to be active in the church,

But have faith in God all the other thinks is not so important for us all will be good in the end. Hug Isabella and Maria

Jamaican Girls – Naomi

Jamaican Girl - Naomi (Small)
HI! I am Naomi a 25 years old Jamaican Girl I was talking to some friends online and the talk about this web site for Latino Girls.

I been looking to and I really love it and I been thinking what I can tell you about me and my life. I live in a big city in Jamaica.

I work in a music shop sell all from Rock to Reggae Jamaicans love Reggae Music and I love it to. I looking for a guy that Love Jamaica and Jamaican Music and food.

I want to be your hot and sexy Jamaican Girlfriend you are looking for and I Hope you think I am the hot and sexy Jamaican Girl of your dream.

But life is not only Sex, is so much more. I hope you are that guy that thinking guy who has deep insight in everything from music to questions about life.

So send me a mail and your photo and I hope we soon can start to talk on Skype and if we are lucky i will soon be your Jamaican Girlfriend. Hug Naomi

Mexican Girls – Rosa

Mexican Girls - Rosa (Small)
HI! I am a Single Mexican Girl that just now sit in the dark in my room in front of my computer and I try to make a good story that you will love.

I work at a post office in a small city in Mexico and I have a lot of time day dreaming about love and what will happen if I can find love on Single Latino Girl.

It’s why I sit in my room and try to wright a story that I can send to Single Latino Girls. I hope I can find a good guy, I don’t care if you come from America or some other country.

But I hope you love Mexico and Mexican food so I can make you happy with my cooking. I looking for a husband that want to have children and a family in the future.

I hope you see my story soon and send me a mail so we can start to talk about the new life together and we will see if Cupid want us to be together. Hug Rosa

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Bolivian Girls – Mayra

Bolivian Girl - Mayra (Small)
HI! Guys I am a single Bolivian Girl I just come to this dating site and I see is no Bolivian Girls on this web site but I am a Latino Girl to so I hope I can have my profile online on this Latino dating site.

This is my first time on a dating site and I hope it will give me a boyfriend maybe from America or European Guy I don’t know.

But I hope you are good to me and if you want me to move to your Country I think I can do that to. But I like you to come to Bolivia and meet me and my family so they know I go and meet a good guy.

So if you want to meet me a happy, fun, good Bolivian Girl you just need to send me a mail so we can talk more and I will soon be your Bolivian Girlfriend. Hug Mayra

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Peruvian Girls – Belle

Peruvian Girls - Belle (Small)
HI! I am a 24 years old Peruvian Girl that looking for love and you. I live in Lima and I work in a bank is just a lot of paperwork and numbers.

So is not much to talk about but many time after I Finnish I go online to look on internet and I see this other Peruvian Girl that was looking for love and a boyfriend.

I was looking around on all the other Latino Girls and start to dream about Love, Amore, Cupid and the first Kiss and I start to smile.

I start to wright this mail and I look in my mobile to find a good photo not to sexy but a good photo I hope you like it. So I hope you want to talk to me soon. Hug Belle

Cuban Girls – Zelina

Cuban Girls -Zelina (Small)
HI! I am a Cuban Girl that love the sea I live outside the city in a small house with my dad. I come to Single Latino Girl to see if I can find an American Guy or a Guy that love Cuba and that want to marry me.

I looking for a true long time relationship I want to have a Husband and a new life here on Cuba or in the USA or some other place if you want that.

I am a Cuban Girl that love fish and I love cooking Cuban food and I love to cook fresh fish or BQQ. My family have always been fishing and selling fish is why I think I love the Sea.

I am a good Cuban Girl that looking for you that think I can bee your Cuban Girlfriend? hope i can see you soon on my Skype. Big Hug from your Zelina 😉