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Brazilian Girls – Ellery

Brazilian Girl Ellery (Small)
HI! I am a single Brazilian Girl and my name is Ellery I am a Brazilian Girl that work with Tourist and I do some I work as a guide and accompany on trips to show all the beautiful animals and nature we have in Brazil.

I love to do many thinks I love the Beach and I love to Eat Sea food fish and so on. One or 2 time, I help a good friend and I help her when she was looking for Sim clothing model is was fun and I learn a lot.

I looking for a guy that love the beach the sun and love to travel in South America and love Latino Girls. I don’t care if you are American or European.

But what I care about is you and if you have a good heart and you be nice to me. I don’t mean nice in give me money!!I talk about love and small thinks like flowers a nice dress like this.

If you believe you are my future husband that want to have me as your Brazilian Girlfriend send me a mail so we can talk. Hug from Ellery

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Brazilian Girls – Bisi

Brazilian Girls - Bisi (Small)
HI! I am a Brazilian Girl I work as a model and some time I sit as a model for art school. So I ask one of the student to take a photo of me with my camera.

I love Art and History and I don’t think too much about my Brazilian body but I hope you love my body and what you see. I hope you will dream about the rest ha ha ha.

I am a Brazilian Girl that love to be home cook food and have fun. I love the speed and the people I meet in my work as a Brazilian model.

But on my free time is Family and soon my Boyfriend number 1 in my life. I looking for a American Guy can see me work and not be jealous and that people look on his Brazilian Girlfriend. Hug Bisi

Brazilian Girls – Tess

Tess a Brazilian Girl (Small)
HI! I am Tess a Brazilian Girl that looking for love and an American guy that can be my first love in my life. I am a hot Brazilian Girl that is fun and have a big smile.

I not think I am hot is what Guys say to their friends when I work in the bar as bartender. I try to not see or listen on them is the life of all Girls.

Guys come and drink and try to touch my boobs and my body and the want me to be sexy. I hate this life and I hope a American man can change that so I can be your Brazilian Girlfriend that take care of you and make you happy. Hug from your Tess

Brazilian Girl – Anne

Anne a Brazzilan Girl
HI! I Am Anne a Single Latino Girl from Brazil i live in Rio de Janeiro. Is my first time to go online for love and maybe move abroad in the future. I love traveling and I love to go to the beach.

I have a small shop like 7 where I sell soda and all the rest. I have a good life but I miss a boyfriend so I was hoping I would find an American guy or someone that love Brazil.

Maybe plan to go to Brazil on holiday and want to meet me. So send me a mail and we can talk and I can send you some more photos on me. Hug Anne