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Colombian Girls – Cherry

Cherry - Colombia Girl (Small)
HI! I am Cherry a Colombian Girl I come from a small village in the country side. I live in a big city now I have an office work and I am a happy Colombian Girl.

But I miss a good boyfriend and a future husband to live with and build a future with. I looking for a guy that love to work hard and have dreams but thinking on the family to.

I hope you believe in God and go to church I hope you have a big heart that is the only I care about. so don’t wait send me a mail so we can start talk.Hug Cherry

Colombian Girls – Isabella and Maria

Isabella and Maria  2 Colombian Girls (Small)
HI! We are 2 Colombian Girls that looking for love and we like to try over luck on Single Latino Girls. We are looking for a long time relationship a husband and true love and happiness.

Okay we looking for 2 guys we hope we can find 2 friends that are single. We hope we can all can stay together in the same city so we can meet 1 or 2 time a week.

We are like sisters over family’s are friends and we grow up together so we are like sisters. I am Isabella and Maria is the Girl with the kiss on cheek.

We are 2 Colombian Girls that love speed and we have a lot we do. We have good works and on the free time we spend a lot of time in the church.

We love cooking Colombian food and we hope you will love when we cooking food and we love to make family party home BBQ and stuff like that.

We look for 2 guys that just is good and have a positive attitude towards life and believe in God, you do not need to be active in the church,

But have faith in God all the other thinks is not so important for us all will be good in the end. Hug Isabella and Maria

Colombian Girls – Paula

Colombian Girl - Paula (Small)
HI! I am a young Colombian Girl that looking for love and happiness I been reading story’s on internet from other Latino girls about internet dating and I know it will be a hard work to get a happy relationship.

I know I see Latino Girls that say see me my husband have all this but are they happy? I not think too much money can make you happy.

But I am the Colombian Girl that want to build a new life with you with love, happiness, work and in the future money.

I have a small shop that I build from ground and I think I can do that where ever my new life will be. I just looking for a sweet good guy that is not blind and love the word business and to make money.

I looking for a husband that want more than having a sexy Colombian Girlfriend if that is you send me a mail. Hug Paula

Colombian Girls – Sofia

Sofia a Colombian Girl
HI! Guy’s I am a Single Colombian Girl and my name is Liz I love my ATV I love speed and jump with my ATV. On my ATV i am a Free Girl.

I don’t need to think on Guys and that I am the Hot Sexy Colombian Girl with the big boobs that Guys want to have sex with.

On my ATV I am just a Colombian Girl that have fun with the guys. I am a Colombian Girl that need speed and I love Crazy thinks.

So I need a American Guy that can keep me safe but can give me all I need when we play with the ATV. Big Hug from Sofia

Single Latino Girl!

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