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Jamaican Girls – Naomi

Jamaican Girl - Naomi (Small)
HI! I am Naomi a 25 years old Jamaican Girl I was talking to some friends online and the talk about this web site for Latino Girls.

I been looking to and I really love it and I been thinking what I can tell you about me and my life. I live in a big city in Jamaica.

I work in a music shop sell all from Rock to Reggae Jamaicans love Reggae Music and I love it to. I looking for a guy that Love Jamaica and Jamaican Music and food.

I want to be your hot and sexy Jamaican Girlfriend you are looking for and I Hope you think I am the hot and sexy Jamaican Girl of your dream.

But life is not only Sex, is so much more. I hope you are that guy that thinking guy who has deep insight in everything from music to questions about life.

So send me a mail and your photo and I hope we soon can start to talk on Skype and if we are lucky i will soon be your Jamaican Girlfriend. Hug Naomi

Jamaican Girls – Pam

Jamaican Girls - Pam (Small)
HI! I am Pam a Cute Single Jamaican Girl I live in the country side. I live with my family I have a big family I have 2 older brothers and I have 3 younger sisters.

I come to this Latino dating site to find love a nice Guy a Husband that want to marry me. I looking for a long time relationship that will be all my life.

I am a Jamaican Girl that love to sing and write music with friend. I spend much time listen on music on YouTube I love Jamaican music and I dream a can be a star one day.

I think I looking for a American guy that love Jamaica and the Jamaican lifestyle. I don’t care much about money just a small house and that you have a work so we can have a family.

But when I be a star I will take care of us all ha ha ha. So let us start to dream about the new life together. Big hug from your Jamaican Girlfriend Pam

Jamaican Girls – Marbel

Jamaican Girl -Marbel (Small)
HI! I am a Jamaican Girl and my name is Marbel. I am a Real Jamaican Girl that looking for Love a man to get marry soon with a nice guy.

My dream is a Boyfriend to begin with and later a good husband and Father to my children that I hope we will get in the future.

I am a hard working Jamaican Girl that love to work I take care of a small Guest house for American Guy that is back home for 6 month. To be with his family.

I been working here for 5 years so he feels he can trust me to take care of his friends and guest that come to Jamaica.

All his friends love me I know that but i not sure if that is the right way to go to get my American Boyfriend.

So let us try this way and see if you can find love in Jamaica and a Jamaican Girl. Hug Marbel