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Peruvian Girls – Belle

Peruvian Girls - Belle (Small)
HI! I am a 24 years old Peruvian Girl that looking for love and you. I live in Lima and I work in a bank is just a lot of paperwork and numbers.

So is not much to talk about but many time after I Finnish I go online to look on internet and I see this other Peruvian Girl that was looking for love and a boyfriend.

I was looking around on all the other Latino Girls and start to dream about Love, Amore, Cupid and the first Kiss and I start to smile.

I start to wright this mail and I look in my mobile to find a good photo not to sexy but a good photo I hope you like it. So I hope you want to talk to me soon. Hug Belle

Peruvian Girls – Carmen

Peruvian Girls - Carmen (Small)
HI! I am a Single Peruvian Girl I see this Latino Girls Dating site and was thinking is a place for me. I am a good Peruvian Girl that live in Lima. Is the first time I come online to find love and a Boyfriend.

I hope I can find an American Guy or someone that love Peruvian Girls and Peru. My family have a small shop and we have a good life.I love the sea and I love to be on the beach.

And I can walk along the beach for a long time just looking on the waves and listen on the Sea.I looking for a man with a big heart and that love animals and love to meet new people.

I looking for a long time relationship or a man that want to marry me. So if you want to be with a Peruvian Girlfriend send me a mail so we can talk on skype. Hug Carmen

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